Schachtophonia E.P.Z.                                                                       
Performed by: Damir Bartol Indoš, Tanja Vrvilo,
Fernando Santos Mesquita, Helge Hinteregger

Viruses were by accident?
Live culture?

The 2-year-old boy believed to have triggered the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa was likely infected by playing in a bat tree, scientists say, the current epidemic in West Africa stems from a single zoonotic transmission event in Meliandou, Guinea, where the boy, may have been infected by playing in a hollow tree housing a colony of insectivorous free‐tailed bats.

Sound virus Ebola Patient Zero (cut-up articles in The New England Journal of Medicine) has
its clinical origin in a cut-up poem by William S. Burroughs VIRUSES WERE BY ACCIDENT? (cut-up articles in Paris Herald Tribune on virus in human cancer and animal diseases in Africa) and an African children’s horror tale Jeddade Jeddade, taking the existing set of symptoms and exploring the word virus procedures and capacities of transference with the Schachtophone sound and body instruments.

"The IS of identity the purpose of a virus is to SURVIVE. To survive at any expense to the host invaded. To be an animal, to be a body. To be an animal body that the virus can invade. To be animals, to be bodies. To be more animal bodies, so that the virus can move from one body to another. To stay present as an animal body, to stay absent as antibody or resistance to the body invasion." W.S.B.



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