The performance called on pain and chess- is a personal story - historically connected with my growing up, it follows up the events from my memories, starting far back in the earliest childhood, the second half of 20th century, chaotic time machine, saturated with impressions of a six year old boy with speech impediment/Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers if Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked /it takes us through this media tangle, political news, movie previews/ and newsreel as if the hell broke loose/ movie projectors-35mm, wooden box with cathode-ray tubes, protruding screen, half cold theatre halls packed with wooden chairs, placed on the kitchen table, two wooden kitchen chairs, wooden and scratched chess boards with missing pieces/ the match box designed as the white gun/ huge sport halls with erected stages replacing two handball goals, basketball constructions, box ring/ loud speaker with distinct announcement of Gang Of Four, newspaper clippings, paperback on chess available at the Duhan stand- bought from the money left over after- buying bread and milk- on its cover is nicely written Fischer- Spaski - the image within the frame of the TV screen -35x 45cm, where thousands of students on strike lift and lower the red booklets- chanting Mao, Mao, Mao, bought comics about a guerrilla warrior who renounced a pleasant middle class career / as we were taught for our advantage/education that their business/Ernest/Che-comrade-Guevarra/ whose personality merged with the rock and roll beginnings- replacing the guitar with the arms in hand-transparent glassy eyes of the dead guerrilla warrior, in order to mix it street fighter /Myke Tyson/ the boxer, who surrounded by the entourage dashes towards the ring with the full blasting thunderously loud music in the background, revealing the painful tattoos of Che and Mao, and all is mixed with my father's personal belongings-worn out, given as a gift for his son's performance, glasses, two pairs of shoes, broken wristwatch, with the noise of "spiritually recycled garbage" in the background, and with the soft voice of a girl reading the titles on internet sites with the mentioned material compressed on a hard disc, facts about the 20th century, and the pupils of a child are wide open, a young man coming of age, all coming to a screeching halt, physical processes of magnetism, inertia, the performance comes to a stop around a table in a room of a 47 year old man who is trying very hard to beat the software chess program for grand masters/, check, check mate, stalemate, shatranj, shatranj, shuh, sheh, check, chaturanga, chaturanga, veiqi, veiqi, check, sheh, shuh, shatranj, shatranj, chaturanga, check, veiqi, veiqi/longing to do as kasparov said "preserve the dignity of man in the field of intelligence the filed where our superiority has been endangered". Chess as a war, chess as a war, chess as a war, as a war chess, the sand of Iraqi desert - strategic regions of manipulation of military services, scientist - warriors, KGB spies and deceased members of establishment, the Buddha images on the military jacket with the Camp David sign, wild dance of the white "self consuming butterfly", perpetual mobile, never ending dance, the selection of night targets, infrared camera registered a score, bull's eye, x in x / hidden human corpses, body parts/further are facts detached from the train which I brought to an end before even starting the installment with introductory metaphors -inversions-chess as war - war as chess--- what do I still have on my body, I still have what do on my body, what I do still have body my on, my I what do have on body still……………….


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