The ultimate goals for the “Parainstitute Indoš” are the recognition and establishing of the ideas of Jainism and anti-psychiatry—their synthesis primarily through activity inside artistic productions, and also possible further expansion on the ideas of anti-psychiatry as part of a spiritual hospital, in the region of the Republic of Croatia; as a possible choice of treatment in the therapeutic doctor-pacient relations; as education -- required semester work at the Medical Faculty, for a professorship in psychiatry, in Zagreb. Our wish is that through our artistic usage and practice, that through paraphasing the idea of Jainism philosophy—we may thoroughly render work about the boundaries and the frontiers of human possibilities and potentialities—to render artistic works on the boundaries of agreed upon principles which will be artistical works regarded with respect and held in esteem, demonstrating how transcendental symptoms liberates living as a constructive and an active performer of social tolerance; human being towards fellow human being; the manifestation of transcendental symptoms is the essential part in developing “threshold levels” of tolerance (of course insofar as it is not physically self-destructive or destructive in relations to another), the primary task of every political organization within the system of the state. In the framework of activities of the “Parainstitute Indoš”, we are planning a collaboration with the section for dependency at the Clinical Hospital Sisters of Mercy — therapy work through ritual drama with dependents—the drug addict (narcotic addicts) population, as a supplement to group therapy in this hospital section.

The core of the program consists of recent performances of D.B. Indoš – House of extreme music theatre—adapted for the stage of the Parainstitute:

  1. “Man-wolf”: paraphrase of the ideas and title book of the known pacient of Siegmund Freud—man-wolf—performance for a man, trombone, chair, replicated video pictures of wolves, “wolfish texts”.
  2. “Rough Ride or of the SPIRIT”: performance for two bicycles, two electric motors with handlebars of a bicycle for driving, video installation of automobile crashes & collisions, burned-out soul from automobile exhaust (sound & music from spiritual recycled trash)
  3. “The Door”: performance consecrated after a happening behind the door of Kingsley Hall, former anti-pyschiatry house in London BOW, of the founder Ronald D. Laing.
  4. “Laika – first dog in space”: biophilia performance about the unaccountable martyring of a stray dog named Laika (sound & music from spiritual recycled trash)
  5. “Rocking”: performance for rockers, questions, answers and questions, ritual songs
  6. “School Bus – D.B. Indoš – Conversations with children – R.D. Laing”: prepared as a work-in-progress, along with the participation of children and adults, affirmations on the ideas of the process of education and rebellion against participating in the process of education, ideas of order and chaos, discipline and non-discipline.

The “Parainstitute Indoš” will be open as a space for guest performances; for both foreign and domestic artists, lecturers, and activists whose works promote, as stated, the fundamental and rudemental ideas based from our manifesto. It will also be a possible artistical workshop space, orientated towards the harmony with the aforesaid ideas.

gallery - Photos: Jasenko Rasol - 2006, 2016


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