Schachtophonia rumorista

Authors  : Damir Bartol Indoš &Tanja Vrvilo
DB Indoš- Schachtophones, Trombon, Voice, dance
Tanja Vrvilo - Schachtophones, Magnetic electric guitar, voice
Helge Hinteregger - Troat music

Schachtophones are sound instruments made under challenge of Intonarumori - the music boxes of Luigi Russolo, a composer and inventor of the art of noise within the futuristic movement. With their prepared network of springs in their acoustic tin boxes opened with manhole covers (schachts), Schachtophones are autonomous, independent system for sound production. Originally, the Schachtophone and Intonarumori as great analogue synthesizers are conceived as the anti-instruments, but it is possible to work with them in a symbiosis with different instrumental-vocal performances. A Schachtophone is a spring musical machine which secret is in collective assemblage of horizontally and vertically strained springs of different length and thickness attached to the inside of the manhole structure for transfering vibration of hands and springs. Audio-visual sculpture Schachtophone, an extreme chamber music for two, four, six and eight hands, evokes the prepared piano and, out of a motionless state becomes active by hands touching the springs, pulling, twitching and vibrating of the springs or moving the instrument itself, which produces a silent schachtophonia. The graphic content plays with graphics warning nuclear threat and the differencies that it establishes are in the intensities of their sonority – a large triangle for loud vibration of the spring and loud voice, a small triangle for silent spring vibration and silent voice. The scores are vocal-instrumental, word cuts for sound cuts and sound cuts for word cuts. Between picture colored icons appear in numbers that determine the pause between vibration voice and steel spiral.

A/ Schachtophonia Ttttttt / vocal - instrumental duo + troat voice
B/ Free schachtophonia - electronic impro
C/ Schachtophonia In girum duo + troat  voice
D/ Moving springing man + magnetic electric guitar + troat voice
E/ Iron spring ribs Schachtophonia  - Instrumental Duo + troat voice

First Schachtophonia T-tt-tttt-tt

Wise head, Wise head,
tttt-that-tt Marinett-tttt-tti,
he last-tt year published in Paris they believe his novel, Mafarka, Mafarka
Mafarka le fut-tt-turist-tttt-te,
Wise head, Wise head, 
tttt-that-tt Marinett-tttt-tti,
tt-that-tttt Marinett-tt-tti, Mafarka 
le fut-tttt-turist-tttttttt-te
Wise head, Wise head,
tttt-that-tt Marinett-tttt-tti, Mafarka
le fut-tt-turist-tttt-te,
tt-that-tttt Marinett-tt-tti,
Mafarka le fut-tttt-turist-tt-te
A prot-tttttttt-agonist-tttt Mafarka,
A Mafarka, prot-tt-agonist-tttt
a prot-tt-agonist-tttt
quit-tt-e seriously, quit-tttt-te seriously propagat-tt-tes propagat-tttt-tes
in tt-this novel, tttt-this novel
quit-tt-te seriously, seriously
propagat-tttt-tes, t-tt-the
t-tttt-the prot-tt-agonist-tttt
propagat-tt-tes, propagat-tttt-tes, 
fut-tt-turist-tttt-te, le fut-tt-turist-tttt-te  fut-tttt-turist-tt-te, fut-tttt-turist-tt-te
le fut-tttt-turist-tt-te
milit-tttt-tarism and warfare, quit-tt-te seriously propagat-tttt-tes
prot-tt-agonist-tttt Mafarka, Mafarka prot-tt-agonist-tttt,
t-tt-the prot-tttt-agonist-tt
milit-tttt-tarism, promot-tt-tes
milit-tttt-tarism and warfare, warfare as a public good, hygiene, hygiene,
milit-tt-tarism and warfare
as a public good, hygiene hygiene
milit-tttt-tarism and warfare, warfare
as a public good, le futurist-tt-te, Mafarka, Mafarka, hygiene, hygiene,
milit-tttt-tarism, milit-tt-tarism,
warfare, milit-tttt-tarism, warfare,
milit-tt-tarism, milit-tttt-tarism
Mafarka, Mafarka, Mafarka,
War, War, fare fare fare fare
jert-tttt-to zah jert-tt-to zah
jert-tttt-to zah t-tt-tijeva
t-tttt-tijeva t-tt-tijeva
hygiene hygiene hygiene hygi hygi hygi ene ene hygiene hygiene hygiene hygiene hygiene hygi hygi Fut-tttt-tu Fut-tt-tu Fut-tttt-tu Fut-tt-tu rism rism rism and cigarett-tttt-ttes cigarett-tt-ttes  ciga cigarett-tttt-ttes cigarett-tt-ttes
rett-tttt-ttes cigarett-tt-ttes ciga
hygiene ene ene and cult-tttt
cult-tt-ture ure cult-tttt cult-tt and war war war Fut-tttt-tu Fut-tt-tu Fut-tttt-tu hygiene hygiene hygiene hygiene
cigarett-tt-ttes cigarett-tttt-ttes  cult-tt cult-tttt cult-tt-ure ure ure war fare war fare war fare fare fare fare fare hygi hygi hygi ene ene ene rett-tttt-ttes  
war war ciga ciga hygi hygi

Second Schachtophonia  In girum / En giro  / Palindromes

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni
En giro torte sol ciclos et rotor igne
In girum imus nocte       In girum imus nocte
En giro torte sol ciclos    En giro torte sol ciclos
In girum    In girum
en giro       en giro
imus nocte et consumimur igni
torte sol ciclos et rotor igne
et consumimur igni
et rotor igne
nocte et consumimur
ciclos et rotor
et consumimur
et rotor
nocte  et
ciclos et