School bus / D.B. Indoš

Conversations with chilldren / R.D. Laing

Multimedia performance (video animation N. Hewitt, music and sampling H. Hinteregger) is based on true events from the school bus, which has been driving children to the Waldorf school in the year 2000./2001. Two original stories about the pupils, elements from the educational process, as well as conversations with his own children recorded by the antipsychiatrist R.D. Laing are inserted into the bus ride. The two original stories, presented in a documentary way, point out the problems of loneliness and fear/consience of the pupils/children in relation to school/family. The educational process is represented by some typical examples from the classes of mathematics and foreign language. The included examples support the processes towards democratic education and the demilitarization of the school system. The conversations recorded by R.D. Laing reveal the viewpoints of children and parents towards military, violence, relations within a family and childhood. The aim is to re-sensibilize adults to topics such as education, democracy, sincerety and their interrelations.
The participants of the ride/classes are children/pupils in the age of 12, their parents and voluntary bus custodian/ author D.B. Indoš. The bus ride continues for five years, supporting antifaschism, nonviolent behavior, courage to stand up against violence, inspiring love between children and parents, the world of adults and the world of children.

Viktor, Jadranka and Duško Bižić; Katarina and Miodrag-Mic Krencer ; Dubravka Šikić; Zvonimir Vukić, Helge Hinteregger, Hana and Damir Bartol Indoš. Video animation Nicole Hewitt, animation assistant Ana Hušman

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