Tanja Vrvilo works as filmologist and film curator, as well as performer and co-author of experimental theatre productions. Studied acting at The Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb and post-graduate film studies at The Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. As a freelance artist she is member of Croatian Association of Dramatic Artists, Croatian Freelance Artists’ Association and Croatian Film Critics Association. She works as Head of BA programme and teaches at film.factory, established by Béla Tarr at Sarajevo Film Academy.

She is an author of numerous essays and publications and works regularly as lecturer in the fields of cinema, visual and performing arts. As a performer she has participated in many theatre productions and has been co-authoring and performing with alternative performance groups and authors, on on continuous basis with a neo-avant-garde performer Damir Bartol Indoš (some works: Chinese Roulette, 2005; Vilovanje, 2006; Green Green, 2007; Weight Man 2008; Anti Oedipus: Anarchism and Schizophonia, 2009; Cepheus, 2010; Kriegspiel – Game of War, 2011; Water War, 2012; Functionaries of the Images, 2012; Hauka Molecule, 2013; Schachtophonia for Ludbreg's Storks, 2013; An American Assassin, 2013; Tosca 914, 2014; Videotheater Kristl: Party of the Inteligence, 2014;).

She has curated many regular and festival film programs, as Japanese Chill at the Motovun Film Festival; a regular programmme of Visual Collegium at Multimedia Institute MaMa, Croatian Antifilm, or... out of system fell out FILM! (Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions, Tokyo); A Short Organum for the Film Eye (25fps, Zagreb), Vlado Kristl. Wir müssen mit die Anarchie auskommen (Saison culturelle Croate en France at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris), Ex-Filme eines Ex-Staates (with Jurij Meden at Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Vienna). In 2007, she founded an annual international film festival-symposium on the politics of film curatorship Film Mutations: Festival of Invisible Cinema and curated programmes Eros+Politics (2008), Installations for the Cinema (2009), The Politics of Film Curatorship (2010), The Ethical Point of Film (2011), Image of Catharsis (2012), Image of Capital (2013), Parallel Film (2014).