Man-Wolf project

Performance Man-Wolf is an open multimedia lecture by D. B. Indos and collaborators (Vili Matula,
Selma Banich, Damir Prica Kafka, Andreja Kosavic , Mila Culjak, Una Bauer, Nicole Hewitt, Luka Bekavac, Toma Bacic) about an audio lecture by wolf-biologist Fred Harrington entitled Wolf Vocalization (Fragments), with excerpts of texts and illustrations from The Wolf ­ Ecology of Endangered Species, a book by wolf-biologist Fred Mech; various authors' scientific texts on use of faeces for scent marking in Iberian wolves (canis lupus); audiovisual quote of a chapter Dream and the Primal Scene from the book Man­Wolf and Other Cases by Siegmund Freud and Man-Wolf (Sergej Konstantinovic Pankejev), the use of psychoanalytical procedure/process of interpretation of Man-wolf's dreams; fragments of Sigmund Freud's book Man-Wolf and Other Cases; uses, description and characteristics of tools; origin of materials used during the lecture/demonstration of the work, in order to build a stage object (wolf territory).

Performers establish their otherness using tools, shaping beauty, establish their otherness from their animal Ur-forms using psychoanalysis, transcend to a state in which they pose questions, arrive to conclusions about the uniqueness of various forms of existing and perishing.

For Man-Wolf project,
Damir Bartol Indos

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